Animation Shortfilm

Tragando saliva

Client Personal Project
Year 2018
Technique 2d Animation
'Swallowing saliva' is the Ramón's last bullet to be able to offer a meal to his children. Alone in front of the bathroom's mirror of a deep Morocco's station and with a suitcase full of hashish. Ramón is going to board a train that will take him to glory or ruin, his future is at stake in this arduous journey conditioned by some obstacles along the way and an insufferable compartment mate.
Tragando saliva - Freelance 2D animator

Characters design

Film credits

Backgrounds design

Props design

Direction: Pablo Valverde
Production: Master de Animación UPV
Animation direction: Blanca Monzonís
Animation: Blanca Monzonís, Pablo Valverde, Tania Santandreu, Andrea Alonso
Music: Karim Arrachidi
Sound design: Ismael Arrachidi, Carlos Mansa

Acting: Nouredinne el Attab, Miguel del Río, Abdelatif Hwidar, María de Paco, Fran Fuentes


IMDb: Tragando saliva