Client Decathlon Campanar
Year 2017
In 2017 Decathlon Campanar, one of the main headquarters of the French firm in Spain and located in the center of Valencia, wanted to give a Christmas gift to the employees who were 10 years in the company. For this special chance they decided to make an illustration that showed the most important sports in the best places of the city.
Diseñador e ilustrador freelance

The brief gave me total freedom to do the illustration's concept. The client's goal was to give thanks through a gift and a design easily adaptable to many applications.

Quechua illustration
Btwin illustration Decathlon
Surf illustration

Illustration + Typography

The target of this gift were all the athletes of different disciplines and the ambassadors of the Decathlon brands: Quechua, Tribord, Olaian, Oxelo, Domyos, Btwin...

This diverse target had one point in common: 10 years at the company and a city (Valencia).

Packaging and illustration
Ilustrador Decathlon
Diseñador Decathlon